English relax in pub:-)

O čem se diskutuje?

Příspěvky v češtině budou smazány.

2013 8.Srpen 11:12 Katka: (předchozí) (Re: daem z 19.Duben 20:00): Hi there, can I ask you how does your husband like Milovice? Also, I am expecting my Canadian friend come down here and spend few months....would be happy to make some English speaking frieds here in Milovice before she arrives as she does not speak Czech at all and I am affraid that she will feel pretty lost at the beginning. 8-\)
2013 24.Duben 15:59 Masa Bob: White lady speak bad English. White lady go and learn. White lady more practice. White lady go to my place and have converastion?
2013 24.Duben 09:53 sestricka4A: (předchozí) (Re: daem z 21.Duben 07:50): Hi , sorry , I meant American football :-\) Do you want to go somewhere out with the kids on the weekend ?
2013 21.Duben 17:45 (R)daem: (předchozí) (Re: fnek z 21.Duben 13:52): Well, I send you request ;) Guess, you'll know its me, couse havent typical czech surname :-D
2013 21.Duben 13:52 (R)fnek: (předchozí) (Re: daem z 21.Duben 07:43): Ok, we can meet in sweet shop, when? It might be better to arrange this on the FB, my name is Jana Vartová
2013 21.Duben 07:50 (R)daem: (předchozí) (Re: sestricka4A z 20.Duben 19:53): Hey. Good too :) My husband doesn't play football, but maybe he can start? :-D He knows more about american football, but maybe he'll surprise me with his knowledge about football :thumb: Well, same as comment downer, we can plan something together and go outside. I guess, most of you work, me too - sometimes - and my husband is very busy, so have to arrange something when he is home, what I always know 1-2 days in advance :)
2013 21.Duben 07:43 (R)daem: (předchozí) (Re: fnek z 20.Duben 15:58): Good, no problem, am used to for ;) Yup, why not, it's nice weather finally, so we can plan something with kids, playground - and what about local sweet-shop, cafe? Me with my belly need a lot of water and intake of food :-D So prefer place, where I can chill down, use toilet .... :ok:
2013 20.Duben 19:54 (R)sestricka4A: (předchozí) (Re: sestricka4A z 20.Duben 19:53): repair mail: sestricka4a@seznam.cz
2013 20.Duben 19:53 (R)sestricka4A: (předchozí) (Re: daem z 19.Duben 20:00): Hello , we'd like you went out somewhere and talk to you . My husband played football and likes to talk about it :-\) I use English at work and want to practice . We have 3 years son. We can go to the playground or go for a beer . My mail is sestrick4a@seznam.cz .:-\)
2013 20.Duben 15:58 (R)fnek: (předchozí) (Re: daem z 19.Duben 23:25): I prefer to communicate in English on this webside, we can go on playground together, nice playground is in Sportovní
2013 19.Duben 23:25 (R)daem: (předchozí) (Re: fnek z 19.Duben 20:07): Sorry, jsem lehce zdegenerovana AJ ... We can meet, good to know somebody who would understand english. My husband can say czech just all of our "nice words" ;) Our daughter can speak czech, a bit english and spanish :-D International family :-D
2013 19.Duben 20:07 (R)fnek: (předchozí) (Re: daem z 19.Duben 20:00): Hi, my husband and I are Czechs, both speak English, have two daughters, two and a half and one year old
2013 19.Duben 20:00 (R)daem: Hey hey hey. Good to know here is somebody who can speak english too ! Can we enjoy your group here? My husband is american, i'm czech... We live in Milovice couple months, but still without friends that we both, espec. my husband can talk, take a beer or like you say English relax in pub or wherever :) We've got a daughter and now I'm pregnant, so I chill down at home and its boring...it's always just me and my husband and our daughter to go outside. We would like to meet someone of you or everybody here :-D :ok:
2009 28.Leden 09:08 Honza: (předchozí) (Re: Henry (webmaster) z 27.Leden 15:56): Yeah, but we should pay a CZK 30 fee for help by this cure, I am afraid:-D
2009 27.Leden 15:56 admin Henry: (předchozí) (Re: Soja_ z 27.Leden 14:41): Quiet path... You probably need a firestarter. A CURE for the boredom. Aspirin, Paralen, ... Acylpyrin?
2009 27.Leden 14:41 (R)Soja_: (předchozí) (Re: Honza z 27.Leden 12:48): Relax, there's just no topic. Do you want to set up some? 8-\)
2009 27.Leden 12:48 Honza: (předchozí) (Re: Petula z 14.Leden 14:05): Good idea, but no response:cry: :-\)
2009 14.Leden 17:17 Acylpyrin: (předchozí) (Re: Acylpyrin z 14.Leden 15:19): You'd better go and watch a few episodes of Monthy Python's flying circus. To get on the same wavelegth...
2009 14.Leden 16:58 Petula: (předchozí) (Re: Acylpyrin z 14.Leden 15:19): What do you mean:for something different:-\)
2009 14.Leden 15:19 Acylpyrin: (předchozí) And now for something completely different...
2009 14.Leden 14:08 admin Henry: (předchozí) (Re: Petula z 14.Leden 14:05): OK.
2009 14.Leden 14:05 Petula: (předchozí) (Re: Henry (webmaster) z 14.Leden 14:01): A nebo jinak....muzeme diskutovat v anglictine primo tady:-D :thumb:
2009 14.Leden 14:04 Petula: (předchozí) (Re: Henry (webmaster) z 14.Leden 14:01): Myslím si,že na disk.forum kouka vic lidi,vzdyt o nic nejde,ne?
2009 14.Leden 14:01 admin Henry: (předchozí) (Re: Petula z 14.Leden 13:51): Proč toto není v inzerci Hledám-Seznámení? Nebo jinak: O čem se tu bude diskutovat?
2009 14.Leden 13:51 Petula: S manželem hledáme cizince nebo čechy mluvící anglicky.Rádi bychom zašli na skleničku nebo kafe a jen tak povídali a oprášili anglinu.Na oplátku můžeme učit češtinu:-D We are looking for some foreigners or czech friends who speak english.We would like to go to coffie or glass of wine and improve our english.We can teach czech lenguage:-D